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Why Sonic Solar?

Family Owned & Operated

Sonic Solar Energy, a division of Sonic Development Inc. is a family run business located in Wind Gap, PA. Sonic Development Inc. was founded in 2005 and we have over 30 years of roofing and electrical contractor experience that makes us the best solution for any solar installation.

All In House Work; No Outsourcing

With Sonic Solar Energy you will get the best quality and workmanship possible because we do not subcontract our jobs. Everything is done in house utilizing our quality assurance from concept through completion. Sonic Solar Energy's on staff engineers will design you the most efficient high quality and cost effective system available. Then, with our virtual house simulation you can see what your installation will look like prior to making your final decision.

3-D Engineering Services

We know that one of your primary concerns is the aesthetics of your house and we can help you select the best system design and layout. Ask us about our many great references and if you are interested in seeing some of our installations we can set up an appointment to go take a look. Our engineering services can show you what your system will look like in 3-D before you make your purchase.


We handle all of the paper work so you don't have to. Unmatched 10 year system warranty on all components and workmanship and 15 year warranty on roof leakage. Only the highest quality products and installation techniques are used. We have no hidden costs in our pricing.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with affordable energy while reducing our carbon footprint.


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