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Sonic Solar Electric

Sonic Solar Energy is an important participant in bringing renewable energy to Eastern Pennsylvania. Located at 316 North Broadway in Wind Gap, Sonic installs Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water, Geothermal Heating, and Wind Energy Systems all throughout the Poconos, Slate Belt, Lehigh Valley, and beyond.

Owned and operated by Andrew Ciasulli, Sonic Solar Energy offers experienced and innovative service to suit the needs of its clients. It's engineers construct individually designed mounting systems such as their solar awning, which gives customers the ability to mount solar panels to the south side of their home even when there is no south facing roof. Also available are solar trellises, which integrate solar panels into the roof structure of a trellis, providing customers extra shade to relax, grill, or entertain under all while generating power.

Federal and state incentives are still available for residential and commercial systems. "There are no sales gimmicks. It's plain and simple, your system will pay for itself and we can help you generate free energy from the sun." says Ciasulli.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with affordable energy while reducing our carbon footprint.


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