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As an accomplished renewable energy company, we at Sonic Development believe it is important to utilize all that Mother Nature has to offer. From the sun, you can generate electricity for your home and directly heat your hot water. With Geothermal, you can utilize the Earth's constant temperature and super high efficiency ground source heat pump units to heat and cool your house. Geothermal exchanges heat from within the earth to cool or heat your home. As the most efficient residential and commercial heating source, Geothermal can greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills with extremely consistent and comfortable temperature control.

There are several ways to use the earth to heat and cool your house. The most common way to exchange heat with the earth is to bury pipes that have liquid flowing through it. This liquid is used to disperse or subtract heat from the ground. That fluid is then fed into the ground source heat pump where it can cool or heat the refrigerant within the heat pump unit. You can either dig horizontal trenches in the round around your home and lay the piping in the ground or you can drill vertical wells and place the piping into the well filling the well with special dirt that will aid in heat transfer. The wells are then covered by dirt and cannot be seen in your yard.

You can also use water sources for heat transfer. The water within the earth and deep in ponds or lakes is at a constant temperature. This method can be done by pumping very clean water from a well and running it through your geothermal system and then pumping it back down another well. You can also submerge the heat transfer tubing into a pond at least 10 feet deep and use the pond water as your constant heat source.

If you are interested in Geothermal for your home, please give our sales engineers a call so they can go over the system benefits and the integration of this type of system into your home.

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