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Solar Alternative Energy Credits

SAEC is a "Solar Alternative Energy Credit". An SAEC is earned when a qualified facility generates 1000kwh of electricity through either estimated or actual metered production. It is a tradable certificate that represents all the clean energy benefits of electricity generated from your facility. An SAEC can be sold or traded separately from the power. States are mandating that the utility in their states must keep a minimum renewable energy amount in their portfolio. If the electric companies do not meet this quota they are fined a certain amount for each 1000kwh they are under their quota. The utility companies are allowed to purchase the SAEC s from other sources in their state to offset their deficit. The current average sale price in PA is about $260.00ea.

The SAEC process works like this: We help you register your system with the GATS program which tracks and issues the credit to you after each 1000kwh of electricity is created. Next you can sell your credits to one of the brokers or aggregators listed here.

Who Buys Pennsylvania AECs?

Pennsylvania AECs are generally purchased by EDCs (Electric Distribution Companies) and EGSs (Electric Generation Suppliers) in order to meet the percentages required under the PA AEPS for any given energy year. Please refer to the Overview page of the website to see the percentages required for each Tier. Other buyers may include aggregators and brokers, renewable energy marketers, private businesses and individuals interested in supporting the development of solar energy. A list of electric suppliers that are required to purchase AECs, interested 'aggregators' and brokers is available on the website. Additionally, the website will list the weighted average price for AECs, updated periodically, to inform buyers and sellers of the going price as this information is made available.

Energy Generation

The energy your system creates is utilized by you in your home will save you money on your electric bill. If you create more energy then you use you can sell it back to the electric company at a profit! The electric companies are required to buy back the energy you create.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with affordable energy while reducing our carbon footprint.


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