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Solar Lease Options & Benefits

Full system maintenance for 20 years from the most reputable solar manufacturer in the business.

SunPower, the industry leader in solar, is a 25 year old company with over $3 billion in net worth. SunPower will maintain the system for 20 years. This gives you the peace of mind that your system is operational and saving you money. You won't have to worry about replacing the inverter in year 15, which most systems will need.

Guaranteed power production.

SunPower will pay you if the system doesn't product what the system is expected to. This means if your system is down you won't lose power production.

System insured by manufacturer.

The system is insured by SunPower, which protects your system and keeps it running longer.

SunPower has highest powered panels available on the market.

SunPower has the world record in power per square foot. This means our systems will produce more power on your roof than any other product on the market.

SunPower panels are the best looking panels on the market.

SunPower's trendy looking panels can come in pure black, which looks very nice specially when mounted to the front of your house. We can also follow roof lines with mock panels so your hipped roof looks the best.

Option to buy in year seven.

In year seven the homeowner has the option to buy out the system and no longer be bound by the lease. This gives the homeowner the option to purchase at a lower cost than purchasing the system direct from the installer. In the first six years, SunPower will take advantage of the tax credits and system depreciation that home owners can't. Purchasing at in year six is the least expensive way to purchase solar.

You have the option to put money down on the lease.

If you put money down on the lease, it reduces your monthly payment. We can adjust your lease down payment based on how much you have saved up to put toward solar. You can do a full prepaid lease that will give you a zero monthly payment. In this case, it's similar to owning this system, you get all of the benefits from solar and in addition the system is warranted and the production is guaranteed for twenty years.

The green energy credits (SREC's or SAEC's) are owned by the homeowner.

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey these systems receive green energy credits from the state that get sold to the utility companies through a broker. The value of these credits fluctuate and become very lucrative. SunPower lets the homeowner take advantage of the credits so they get the max benefit of solar.

All excess power generated by the system is owned by the homeowner.

SunPower systems regularly overproduce by 15-20%. Other leasing programs available from small venture capital companies make you pay for this excess of electricity. SunPower gives it to you for free.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with affordable energy while reducing our carbon footprint.


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