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Socket Solar Panel Kit

Socket Solar is the easy, fast way to install and produce your own electricity without the hassle and cost of contractors.

You can install 1 panel or up to 8 with our simple assembly and then plug our kit directly into your standard electrical socket to start generating your own solar electric power.

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The SunPower Advantage

Temperature Swing

The sunpower product is truly a superior product. With the harsh environments we see in the northeast, it is important to choose a product that will stand the test of time. Watch the video to the left and learn how the SunPower product is the right one for your application.

Shaded Areas

Shading is a problem when it comes to solar. Shading one cell on a panel can reduce the power output of the system. By installing the SunPower product, you can generate more electricity over time due to its advanced construction. Watch and learn more.

Intense Loads

SunPower’s advanced cell technology makes it stand out against all other products on the market. It is much stronger and can resist cracking that other products tend to do over time. Watch the video and learn more.

Solar Canopy

The Solar Canopy is an awning mounted solar product for mounting to the side of buildings or houses. This is a great option when a customer doesn't have southern roof exposure and can't utilize a ground mount system. Simply mount the system to the south side of the house. It also creates a passive solar effect for windows below the awning.

Solar Trellis

The Solar Trellis is a beautiful shade structure with solar panels integrated into its roofing structure. This structure can be constructed in your back yard or on your patio. The structure comes with a 10deg tilt and is modular so it can accommodate many different system sizes and panel sizes.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with affordable energy while reducing our carbon footprint.


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